Removing the Financial Burden of Prom

Prom season always gets the kids around here into a frenzy. The boys worry about finding a date and renting a tux, while the girls worry about finding the right dress and trying to out do each other. The prom industry must make a fortune each year. Then there are the kids who can’t go to the prom because they can’t afford to go. Some of them even work part time jobs and can’t afford to go. I wanted to help these kids by at least giving them that experience, so I paid for a Toronto limo bus rental and raised some money for the kids to rent dresses and tuxedos. They had to find their own dates. (more…)

I Got a Weekend Job

When it started out I was just in charge of catering this wedding reception, that is something I know how to do. I have worked in hotel banquets for a couple of decades and it is not really that difficult if you have the stuff you need and you know what must be done. Then at some time I became the wedding planner and I guess it is not so bad since I am being paid. Of course right now I have been talking to these party bus Toronto limo people about limousines and vans. The wedding is going to be really big and it is going to sprawl. (more…)